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My name is Carmen, and I’m a single mother. I’m 50 years old, but I definitely feel 20!

After the Economic crisis arrived in my country, Romania, I lost my business in architecture. The only way to make more money for my family and myself was to leave the country and work somewhere else. I’m living in the UK for five years now but my story is much longer. If you want to know more about me, please visit my blog.

Every day I am grateful for my beautiful family: my son – the artist, my dear sister, who is a cancer survivor and my gorgeous and smart niece. I felt grateful for everything I have, but still, something was missing.

I knew it was time to step up and change my life dramatically. I wanted a purposeful life back…and I wanted time to have fun.

I thought hard, trying to figure out, what is my passion?

– Do I want to write a book?

– Do I want to be a famous speaker?

– Perhaps an Online business? It’s up to me!

I just needed a mentor to guide me… someone with knowledge to help me succeed.

In every business, you must be ready to invest in yourself. I’m not naïve! and I was willing to pay for the right decision.

The moment I knew I needed to step up, was when I heard about Nick Vujicic. This man has no legs and no hands, and he DID IT! What can stop me? I can do anything I want. For me, the most important thing is to BELIEVE in what I do and to be proud of what I’m doing or what I’m selling.

Then I came across an intelligent, inspiring leader, and his name was Stuart. I took my time to find out more about him and his exciting idea, because I saw a significant opportunity.

I wanted this badly! I knew something like this must exist! 

Stuart and his business partner, Jay, have all I needed in one place, and it was a genius idea!  I wanted to make a difference in my own  life, and in that of my family and for others, plus this was an opportunity to surround myself with like-minded people. So, I DID IT!

I began my online marketing journey and have loved every step of my training; I didn’t want to sleep before I finished a Module. I was so excited, and every day that passed I was more and more excited! I am so grateful for my mentors, Stuart and Jay, and I am thankful for the great people in the community who have helped me to open my eyes and my heart.

I want to finish by saying that this has changed my life, and I it hope will change yours, too. It is not for everyone, but if you are prepared to work hard and invest time into creating a better life for yourself, then the bonuses are many including better relationships, ease of information, and successful solutions.


Carmen Libra – affiliate marketer

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