No matter how far up the corporate ladder you are, there are certainly times you are sick & tired of the 9-5 and everything that goes with it …the tiring commute, the politics, the lack of freedom, knowing that your creativity is stifled.

And how sure can you be that your job will be there in 6 months…a year? Is your future even secure?

If that’s how you feel, then consider this now …

How would your life be different if you took back control…

If you held your financial future & your freedom in your own hands…

How much better would you feel? How much more joy would you feel? How much more security?

You’ve seen what has happened to the job markets in the last few years.

Unemployment has been high all over the world.

Traditional employment just isn’t cutting it for lots of people as a stable income source anymore.

Good people are being laid off without warning.

If that bothers you even just a little…

If you feel your blood begin to boil when you think about how hard you or someone you care about works, yet how little you or they have in return…

Then pay close attention.

There’s a better way to live than that.

For a moment, imagine a life without limits…

A life without borders, boundaries, or limitations…

Imagine a life where you get to call the shots and decide how much you earn.

Imagine having the freedom to work from anywhere and create your own destiny.

Imagine having control over all of your time.

Imagine being able to work for yourself… experiencing the fulfillment that can only come from fulfilling your own purpose in life.

Not on somebody’s else’s terms.. but YOURS.

Imagine financial independence, being totally self-sufficient, answering to no one.

The desire is there..

And living what we like to call a ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ means you have the potential to earn an income whilst working from your laptop from anywhere in the world i.e. FREEDOM.

Fair warning: once you see there’s a better way out there, you won’t be able to say you never had the chance to create a better life.

So please take a look – just to see what you could be missing.

Discover freedom. Be your own boss and learn how to be happy again.



I am so excited by the wealth opportunities presented by the internet!

imagesHave you ever considered how you could transform your business into an internet business? Or start an online business afresh?

I have done exactly that and it feels like freedom…freedom to create whatever feels right… restrictions….shackles off!

The possibilities for design, creation and marketing are endless…but you must have the computer skills…or it feels like shackles on!

So how can you quickly and easily learn how to create your online business & communicate with your potential customers in a way that turns them into buyers… wherever they are in the world and wherever they hang out?

Well the answer is you find yourself the business system that provides all the tools you need under one roof.

You find yourself the first class training that explains the steps you need to take in easily understood language…showing you in videos, screenshots, audio and text everything you need to do.

Plus you find yourself an exceptional teacher…in fact a community of teachers.

In fact more than that, you find yourself a family…a close-knit group who want to help you in any way they can.

Plus mentors who are willing to volunteer their time to guide you and support you every step of the way and answer your questions there and then.

And how do you do this?…You get yourself joined up with the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) where you’ll find all of this and more.

Seriously, if you want to master the online world – this is where you can do it easily…you’ll feel so proud of yourself as you learn how to create websites, landing pages, follow-up emails, newsletters, blogs, learn to create adverts on Facebook, youtube and learn the skills for video marketing…and so, so much more! You’ll feel like an awesome technical wizard!

If you’d have asked me a year ago, I’d have been completely overwhelmed at the thought of any of this, however now I feel confident and, to be honest, pretty proud of myself for my achievements.

And you can feel this too.

The new opportunities to find and attract valuable new clients through the skills I’ve learned blows my mind.

So if you want to have the same opportunity, then simply apply for membership of the SFM to learn more…it really couldn’t be easier…

Even if you think you’re a technophobe (especially then!)

Get over the fear, and apply HERE 🙂






Life has thrown at me many events that have tested me, taken me to my emotional limits, and it has likely been the same for you.


At the time, it’s hard to understand why life has handed us these cards – we are good people, right? But there is a reason and I truly believe this to be true…


I believe that the universe knows we can handle these struggles and find our strength. It knows that we will build backbone from our pain, and tough as it can seem, over time we will become greater women as a result.


And in time, we will gain the ability to understand these events and look at them with new eyes and with renewed focus and meaning that allows us to understand how these events have, in fact, enabled us to become the women we are today – strong women, with compassion, integrity and emotional depth.


So after all you have been through, surely now is the time to harness that personal power…time to make a choice as to how you will focus your purpose.


Isn’t it time to step up and take a stand for your life? After all, to use your life experience to provide value & support for others brings meaning.


After all, who are you REALLY? What is your mission?


These are questions you must ask to live a life of contribution & gratitude, so that you can feel happy, fulfilled and alive.


For me, as a single mum, it took some time for me to manoeuver around and find my way…to materialise my purpose…but I’ve felt it for some time.


I had a vision for a business that allowed me to speak up for & empower other women.


I learned what I needed to learn, and I keep my vision every day.

And I got real about my objective…my business model…the one that would give me the Personal Freedom I desired AND would help me give the gift of personal freedom to other women too…


I chose an online business…to share my message with the world.

I can work from anywhere as long as I have a laptop and an internet connection – giving me FREEDOM!


I have chosen to be part of the SFM and Digital Experts Academy, and I have the backing and knowledge of a huge community of wonderful online entrepreneurs for support masterminding and inspired leadership.


The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle have fallen into place…I feel complete.


With comparatively little initial investment compared to offline models and the ability to work on MY terms… an online business has been the perfect solution.


So, if you would like to hear more about the SFM, Digital Experts Academy and how we can help you move closer to your personal freedom, simply click here to delve a little deeper 🙂

To Your Feelings of Freedom!



Whether you’re getting dressed up for a big night out, admiring your beautiful home, or taking long vacations, one thing’s for sure, the secret to a first-class life? Is a thriving online business. And here’s why…







1. Work From Anywhere

You can literally quit your job (once you’re ready of-course) and run your business from anywhere. Imagine travelling the world and being able to earn as you go – all you need is your laptop and an internet connection. Or imagine working from home – around the needs of your family…no more missing the school plays and feeling like a bad mum or dad…no more stress running around like a headless chicken….you have time. Priceless.

2. No Hard-Sell

Do you hate that feeling of being pushy? If you’re feeling pushed to sell-hard in your current job, or your MLM business, then an online business will be like a dream come true. You never have to push…you will learn how to easily attract clients to you (heavenly). Quit the hard-sell forever!

3. Be Your Own Boss

Do you secretly curse your boss and their annoying ways? Do you dread being told to do things you dread? Would you love to escape? Imagine your own online business…no more stress, no more office politics, no more being told what to do. And how about holidays when you want…oh, the bliss…

4. Job Security

Is your job really secure? How would it be if you took back control. No-one to fire you or lay you off…with an online business – you’ve got it covered!

5. Passion & Growth

You are creative and passionate. Don’t feel it? Well, that’s where having your own online business comes in. Imagine being entrepreneurial…Imagine being successful…imagine a fire in your belly called your passion and you work with it every single day… Through your online business you can grow into the person you know you really are and truly LOVE what you do…

6. Freedom & Flexibility

Imagine you…dressed up for lunch…your significant other compliments you and you feel successful and grateful. You see, you have created a thriving online business that allows you to do the things you love whenever you want to do them…You feel like a great mother or father…you go to the school sports day and you have the time to hug and kiss your little munchkins before you drop them to school…you have time for your friends and the people you love…life is good.

7. Explore Your Creativity

You are entrepreneurial…you are creative…and you’re excited to show the world what you can do. Your ideas blossom and you are entertained & fulfilled from your head to your toes!

8. It’s A Digital World

People are spending more money online than ever before! There is so much money to be made – you just need to know how to tap into the Well!

9. Small Start-Up Costs

Would you love your own business…that feeling of significance and power, but you worry about the cost to start? Seriously, bank loans, lines of credit and all the other usual requirements for a traditional brick and mortar business are not required and you can get started spending only a few hundred dollars…no problem.

10. Anyone Can Do It!

If you have drive & are ready to put the work into the process, you are going to be someone who can make your online business thrive. Even if you have no prior technical or online experience, you can learn the skills quickly and get up and running within a few short weeks.

Are you convinced yet? At the very least, now is the time to take a look at starting your own profitable online business. You have an opportunity to take charge of your future, support your family and be proud of what you’ve achieved. It could be one of the best experiences of your entire life…and you could have the dream job you’ve always wanted.

Apply now, and show the world you’ve arrived.